April 7, 2010


Heaven.  That's what I found in Round Top, Texas.  Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a place like this.  Furniture, do-dads, art, books, mirrors, vases, dishes, farm machinery, lights, silver, glass, jewelry, clothing. linens, quilts.  If you could think of it, it was there. There were barns filled with antiques, surrounded by tents also filled with antiques.  Heaven.  I only wish that my photos could do it justice.

I have a thing with polka dots right now.  If I had had a way to get them home, these would have definitely been mine.

I found a tray like this in my grandma's things last week.  Then I saw this!  I found out that the shape is the Tree of Life and that it's a meat tray.  The tree collects the juices from the meat.  How cool is that?!?

I want to make one of these!


We were gifted a plate with this same print for our wedding, but just a little bit larger.  It was like finding a needle in a haystack for me--So exciting!

Typewriter keys.  I want to make one of these too!

On my to-do list.  I even bought a couple of little things to frame!


Gonna try this too.

These are ALL pressed flowers.  The maker grew all of the flowers in her garden, pressed them, then turned them into art.  Stunning.

I want an armoire.

This would be an awesome Goodwill creation.

My sweetest purchase is there, in my hand.  I can't wait to work on it!


  1. I want to make something--anything--from typewriter keys, too. What a fun fun place!


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