April 9, 2010

Creating Hogwarts

My son is turning seven (SEVEN!?!) next week, but we're celebrating with his friends tomorrow.  He loves Harry Potter, has read the first book and half of the second, and spends hours casting spells with his sister around the house.  I'll have a nice long post about the party, with details on all of our creations, after the party, but I did want to show you all what has been keeping me so busy!  Here's a quick sample of my doings...

I sewed 9 robes!  The sorting hat that I made is on the piano.

Brooms (Thank goodness it's tree trimming season--We scoured the streets!)

The brick wall at Platform 9 3/4--The kids will run through it to get into the house.

My Sorting Hat

My husband made all of these by hand!

The Golden Snitch cake, without the wings--I'll add them tomorrow.

The wings for the cake!  Can you see that they are sparkling? 

We've had so much fun getting ready for this party.  I can't wait for tomorrow!


  1. I love all of your Harry Potter creations. My son wants a harry potter party for his birthday next month and you have saved me! If you don't mind sharing--how did you make the sorting hat?

  2. This is FREAKISHLY amazing. 12th birthday, HERE I COME.

  3. What pattern and fabric did you use for the robes? I've made one gryffindor robe, but it was elaborate and lined, and too much work for party favors - that being said, I'd love to see how to make these for a party for my own 7-year old's birthday!


I can't wait to hear what you think!

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