April 26, 2010

Cookie Sheet Chore Chart

After spending a completely ridiculous and infuriating amount of time two hours cleaning the house this morning, I decided enough was enough.

Now their responsibilities are clear as day.  I wanted something that would be flexible, that I could change as needed.  So I spray painted a cookie sheet and hot glued down some ribbon.  I Mod Podged their names, and the To-Do and Done papers to the painted cookie sheet.  Then I wrote all the chores (I've been adding things all evening) on various pieces of paper from my scraps pile.  Finally I stuck a piece of magnetic tape to the back of each chore.  I added a few buttons on for decoration, then I was done.

The best part of this was that I already had all of the materials I needed.  I just rounded up a bunch of stuff from my crafts supplies, grabbed my least favorite cookie sheet and got to work.  Simple but effective.  The kids really like moving each task from the To-Do area to the Done area.  I guess it's the same as how I like to cross things off of my to-do list.  There's some satisfaction in seeing that it's done.  We'll see if they're as enthusiastic tomorrow, but at least my house is clean tonight...


  1. Great idea!!!!! I love that you recycled the cookie sheet, and I adore visual reminders of my own things to do.

    :) Laura

  2. BRIL-LI-ANT. How DO you come up with these ideas? I'm totally going to copy this one when Lane gets older.

  3. Emily, I loved this idea when I first saw this in your dining room. Well finally, I have decided to do the same thing! Thanks for the inspiration, and I hope you don’t mind if I borrow some ideas.


  4. This is a great idea...I love that it is flexible, that's the kind of system we need around here


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