March 9, 2010

Sit. Swing. Breathe.

Do you have a dream house?  I do.  My dream home is the house from The Notebook.  You know, the one that Noah (swoon) restores?  I'm in love with that house, mostly because of the enormous wrap around porch.  I have fantasies of spending hours in a porch swing, drinking lemonade and watching the sunset/children playing/starts come out/ocean waves.  Dreamy, right?  I wanted to capture the feeling that my day dreams bring.  I wanted something to look at that would remind me of my North Carolina evenings, swinging on the porch with my honey.  (Hush, I know it's just a dream.)  So here it is:

What do you think?  I wanted simplicity.  Does it need something more, though?  Maybe a loop of ribbon for hanging, instead of just an alligator clip on the back?  Suggestions, please.  I love it, though, because I just feel a peaceful, dreamy feeling when I look at it.  Sigh.

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