March 16, 2010

10 Minute Sewing Project

Aren't they cute?  One of my pet peeves is having to dig through my bag to find a kleenex for my kids, only to find it all wadded up and nasty at the bottom somewhere.  Solution?  Kleenex holders!  I found this amazing project over at Very Purple Person.  She has a wonderful PDF tutorial for you.  I made the little flower one last night, and seriously, it took me 10 minutes.  I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL SEWER.  Let's just make sure that's clear.  Then this morning, if you had any doubts, my daughter made the pink flower one.  People, she's 4 years old.  Yup.  She helped cut, pin, and sew.

So hurray!  No more nasty kleenex at the bottom of my bag!


  1. Emily, I LOVE this. With perpetual allergies, I use tissues all the time, but I've yet to make myself a cute holder. Sheesh! You (and that 4 year old of yours) are inspiring me.

  2. She's four years old and can sew straight? Wow you have a very talented daughter!
    Glad that the tutorial is working out!


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