March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

What does St. Patrick's Day mean to me?  Well, I'm not Catholic.  And I don't drink.  That about does it. No wait, I'm like twenty-five percent Irish.  Sweet, I can celebrate.

Last night, in preparation for today's festivities, I had the grand idea to bake a rainbow cake.  Yes, I'm talking about a six layer cake.  Genius, right?  Let me tell you, it was AMAZING.  About a foot tall.  Four containers of icing and an entire bottle of red food coloring (red, orange and purple all use red!).  Awesome.  Check it out for yourself:

And then this happened.  Suck.

That about did me in.  Do you have any idea how much time I spent on that thing?  Time I'll never get back.  Oh well.  My kids still thought it was cool.  It's the taste that counts anyways, right?

On to today.  Breakfast was green mini shamrock pancakes, made using a heart shaped cookie cutter.

Green applesauce.  I had to post the close-up for the nastiness factor.

I sewed this cute little leprechaun shirt for my son last night.  He loved it and wore it to school today.

Dinner was green spaghetti (I cooked the noodles in water with food coloring) with Pesto Alfredo sauce.

Cucumber Salad


Green Shamrock Rice Crispy Treat

And finally, mint Oreos dipped in green chocolate (white chocolate dyed green).

My six year old can't wait to see if his pee turns green.  After all the food coloring we ate, I wouldn't be surprised.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Now that is a festival of all great green-ness. LOVE the way you put the day together!

  2. I'm very impressed, Em. Even if your cake did fall, all the effort that you put into this is just awesome! Can't wait to see you.

  3. Impressive. Very. Especially that cake!

  4. You are seriously amazing. I love everything you do.

  5. I think your cake rivals ANY cake I've ever made with its coolness-factor!!

  6. That rainbow cake it the *BOMB*! Even in shambles, it is so cool! I love that idea! Your green dinner looks yummy...I'm coming to your house for St. Patty's day...

  7. All these St. Patrick's day foods are all that I grew up thinking I'd do as a parent. But, *heavy sigh* another year has gone by and I'm not yet a cool parent like you. You give me hope for next year because you have awesome ideas.


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