March 21, 2010

Coming Soon!

I spent all morning (between tying doll shoes, using scraps of fabric to create doll bedding, making snacks--every ten minutes, etc.) crafting a wreath for our front door!  Normally we'd be at church, but I still can't make it through three hours sitting in a pew and chairs.  Hubby's on call today, so the kids stayed home with me!  Sometimes I just love spending the day at home.

We made a super successful Goodwill run yesterday where I scored the base for my wreath.  So, coming soon is a tutorial for a spring wreath, using feux and real flowers!  Check back soon!

Happy Sunday,

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  1. This is so cute and pretty. The only wreath I ever display is my Christmas wreath, which, coincidentally, is now sitting around the base of a pot on our front porch, cuz I still haven't thrown the thing out. Anyway, I could sport this one, I'm sure.


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