March 19, 2010

Our Family Rules Canvas

Blog-surfing one day, I stumbled upon this on The Pleated Poppy.  I fell completely in love, ran to the craft store, and set to work.  Pass at least one month...  I finished it!  This was a lot of work for me.  I am absolutely not an artist, so the task of free-handing twelve different fonts, just by looking at a sheet I had printed, was very difficult.  (Visualize one pencil and at least three giant erasers.)  But now it's complete and I love it.  I won't give a tutorial because Lindsey gives a wonderful how-to over at The Pleated Poppy, but I will add a few tips: 1) Download fun fonts (free)!  Copying the fonts onto my paper was much more exciting after I downloaded some really neat ones. 2) When it's time to Modge-Podge the paper to the canvas, coat the canvas, lay down your paper, use a credit card (gift card, etc.) to smooth out the bubbles.  LET IT DRY before you Modge-Podge over the top of it.  I still ended up with some bubbles, but a lot less than I would have had. 3) Talk to your kids about the rules!  My daughter (4 y.o.) actually came up with a good chunk of these. 4) Splurge.  Please.  Go to the craft store and buy some amazing paper.  You'll be much more motivated to finish if you like the paper you're using.

Here are our family rules:
Be kind always
Protect your sister
Always tell the truth
Clean up your messes (please)
Too much TV is bad & too much reading is good
Yes, please & no, thank you
Hugs, snuggles and kisses are always a good choice
Work hard
Laugh, especially when you don't want to
No fussing. No whining. No yelling.
Thank God for all we have.

And finally, our Family Rules Canvas!


  1. love it! it was worth all the effort, right? so fun!

  2. That is so cute, and I love that your daughter helped come up with the rules!

  3. You forgot one:

    Make music always, but no singing at the dinner table!


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