March 22, 2010

China Cabinet Redo

I saw this idea somewhere on the blogosphere, but I can't remember where.  (If it belongs to you, please let me know so that I can give you credit!)  I instantly thought of the built-in china cabinet that we have in our dining room.  This is one of my favorite features of our home.  Unfortunately, it's sort of turned into a storage area for vases, "chotchkies, " as my dad calls them, and other things that don't really have a place.  Our dining room is the one area in our home that's somewhat fancy--It's hard to have anything fancy with kids, isn't it?  So I fancied up the built-in cabinet and reorganized the things inside. 

This is how it started:

I emptied it out, including the shelves.  That's when I found that the previous owners were idiots and replaced the shelves while the paint was wet.  I had to rip the paint just to get the shelves out!

Then I covered the back wall of the cabinet with... WRAPPING PAPER!  I used removable double sided tape to adhere it to the wall.  I had to search three stores to find something that would work.  My 4 year old was convinced that princess paper would be the best choice.  Do you have any idea how many different princess wrapping papers there are?  I ended up at Hallmark which is where I found this:

I love it.  The glare from the window directly across the room creates a lot of shine during the afternoon, but I couldn't stop staring at dinner tonight because it looked so lovely.  I think that it adds some depth to the cabinet, makes it look fancy.  And all for $4!  Sweet.

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