July 31, 2010

Allowance Chart

Remember our cookie sheet chore chart?  My husband and I decided that it needed something to go along with it, a chart to keep track of chores on a weekly basis.  The cookie sheet chart is perfect for assigning chores, serving as a visual reminder for what needs to be done, and keeping track of which chores have/have not been completed.  It lacks a long term record, though, for what has been done throughout the week.  We are going to be instituting an allowance for our children, something that they can earn for completing all of their daily chores for an entire week.  So I created a new chart that will record when all of the chores from the cookie sheet chart are finished each day, allowing us to know if all chores have been done every day of the week.

I snagged this sign from my son's school rummage sale last spring.  I just covered it with paper and Mod Podge, then used a set of hooks and clips that I had lying around from Ikea.  The two little bees and beehive are stamps from Stampin' Up.
When they reach "HIVE SWEET HIVE, " they get their allowance!

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Your blog is beautiful and I love this idea - it came out fantastic.


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