July 20, 2010

Ribbon and Brad Flower Headband Tutorial

I only had time to get the headband done tonight, but I'll try to get the bracelet finished soon.  Here you go!

6" Ribbon
1 Large Brad
1 Headband
Needle and Thread (matched to the color of the ribbon)
Glue Gun

Cut a piece of ribbon to 6"
Fold over one end of ribbon and insert the needle through both layers.  (This creates a clean end.)
Use a running stitch to sew along one side of the ribbon from one end to the other.
When you reach the other end of the ribbon, fold it over just like you did on the first end.  Place your last stitch through both layers of ribbon.
Gather the ribbon by pulling on one end of thread, while holding the other.  
Once your ribbon is gathered into a circle, tie off your thread with a knot.
Place your brad through the center of your ribbon circle.
Open the brad across the back of the ribbon circle.
Adhere the ribbon and brad to a headband using a glue gun.  I glued the brad to the headband because I didn't want it to poke my daughter in the head or catch her hair.



  1. What a cute & quick project! Using the brad is genius!! happy tuesday

  2. That is so fun and *cute*!!! I can't wait to put a bunch of those on a headband for Skylar! (c: I don't sew at all, but I think even *I* can handle that...

  3. I came over from Today's Creative Blog. She's right, you are soooo creative! I look forward to reading further!


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