September 3, 2010

Easiest Fall Monogram Wreath Tutorial

Fall is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite season.  On September 1st, I pulled out all of my fall decorations and spent the morning transforming my home.  (That was also the day my son started school, and I had to keep busy to keep from crying the entire day!)  Today the weather has cooled enough to make it feel like fall--What perfect timing, as I made a new fall wreath for our front door last night!  

Styrofoam wreath form (mine was 10")
Fall Ribbon--Enough to wrap the entire wreath and cover the door hanger
1 Strand/Garland of fall leaves (On sale now at JoAnn's!)
Floral Pins (Sewing pins would work fine, too.)
Door/Wreath Hanger

Wrap the fall-themed ribbon around the entire wreath, covering it completely.  I used floral pins to secure the ribbon, as I like to be able to change my wreaths around, but you could use a glue gun, instead.
Create a loop at the top of your wreath with one end of your leaf garland.  Secure it with a pin.
Continuing from where you started the garland with the loop, wrap the garland in and out of the wreath, until you've used the entire length.  (Sorry if this isn't too clear; just wrap it around, the same way you did the ribbon.)  Secure the end with another pin.  
You can see the pin that I used to secure the end of the ribbon in the first step.  Don't worry about those pins because you can arrange the leaves to cover anything that shows.
Wrap your door hanger in ribbon, too, if you like.  I used double sided tape to secure the ribbon.
This is what I first hung on my door.  I really liked it, but felt like it needed something else.  So I scrounged around my craft room and found a letter "D" that I had mod podged a few months ago, but never did anything with.  Luckily it fit perfectly inside my wreath, and matched!
Here's the final product!  I love the monogram in the middle; I feel like it really makes the wreath.  How easy was that?!


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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm totally making one! =)

  2. Love it! I wanna try this!

  3. CUTE wreath. Love the "D" in the middle. I am going to make one of these for sure!
    Found you through Tater Tots and Jello!

  4. very cute....and looks easy...too of my favorite things.

  5. looooooooooooove!! i'll try to do it!!!

    ps would you like to follow each other???


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