September 30, 2010

Articles of Faith Book

A while ago, I came across a huge poster with the 13 Articles of Faith (from the LDS Church) in a closet.  I didn't really have anywhere to hang it, but decided that it would make a fantastic book.  My five year old daughter has already memorized the first three Articles, but would really like to know the rest.  The only problem is that she can't read fluently yet, and thus needs photos to help.  I had a book from Bare Books in my supplies that was perfect for the project.  The book was so easy to make!  I simply cut up the poster, put an Article of Faith on the left page, and cut up pictures to match each Article for the right page.  My daughter is ecstatic about the book.  I'm excited to have a wonderful addition to our Sacrament Meeting bag for Sundays!



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  1. Oh you are good! That is a great idea! Inspirational and educational, but more importantly, *quiet*! (c;


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